How To Eat A Gingerbread Man

Two more weeks in Jakarta and I have no idea where the time has gone. It feels like yesterday that I was writing my last post and now here I am with another one.

So, what have I been up to now that I have an unhealthy amount of time on my hands and nothing to do?

Well, surprisingly enough, I’ve actually been quite busy. Tutoring Amaala, helping out at charity High Teas, eating turkey, meeting up with people, making cupcakes with Trinder (hey Christine)… And of course, lying around the house on my phone. We can’t let things get too exciting.

Which is why I’ve decided to embrace academics again and help Amaala out with some Chemistry. After two hours my brain hurt and I was shocked at her ability to answer all the questions without checking her notes – I couldn’t even begin to think of the answers!! I also spiced things up with a mock medical interview for a friend. I can’t tell you how glad I am I don’t have to go through all that stress again!

The rest has all been slightly less intellectually stimulating. Although spending four hours on Mum’s MacBook making Christmas presents really hurts your brain (Windows is so much easier to use – the cross is on the wrong side on a Mac, I mean really).

With that done, Christmas parties were the only things left to help with. I’ve doubled my weight on mince pies, rocky road and cake, debated the least painful way to kill a gingerbread man with eight year olds and sung countless carols – I was shocked at how many I actually knew!

And I’ve eaten turkey!

Who knew it could actually taste good?  But the one for Baba’s Christmas Dinner was so tender and delicious – I was in shock. Best turkey I have ever tried – not that I’ve tried a lot, I tend to stay away from the stuff.

But it hasn’t all been Christmas, even if it is December. Last week we went to an awesome concert by soul-singer Berget Lewis – definitely someone to check out. And Sunday saw us at another concert in Taman Menteng, a park near our house, bopping away to some crazy Indo tunes. Unfortunately we missed the real highlight of the night – Frau. Still, we got to chat to her before she went on stage – she was so pretty and cool and her music is really good.

 And then, influenced by countless photos on the internet and mind-numbing boredom with short hair, this happened.


Check out the London backdrop – cool right?

So now, when I go back to England on Tuesday (we’re going back for Christmas!!!!!!), everyone will be able to see the character development I’ve undergone. Purple streaks really say a lot about a person…

Sampai jumpa.


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